Every major sport has a coach. We have coaches for football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, in fact, you name it and there is a coach associated with it.

The fact is it is very difficult, if not impossible, for a person involved in endeavors that place high demands on a person's mental, physical, emotional, and creative abilities to be objective about their own performance or to know moment to moment where the best path to improved performance lies. For that matter it may not even be possible to know that there is a potential for any performance increase at all let alone coming up with an effective plan for attaining that gain.

If you are just beginning your racing career then the need for coaching and instruction is somewhat obvious. But there are plenty of reasons why even the most experienced driver might benefit from additional coaching. Perhaps you are feeling stuck or locked into a certain grid position and want to move forward. Perhaps you are already running up front but know that resting on your laurels is not going to keep the competition at bay for long. Perhaps you just suspect that you might benefit from a fresh perspective. In all cases you are ready for a coach.

It is the job of a coach to help you explore and unlock performance capabilities, contained in both car and driver, that you may have been previously unaware of and to help you better exploit the skills you already possess. Additionally it is important to acquire fresh tools and skills that will allow you to continue this development on your own or in partnership with a coach for the duration of your driving career.

As drivers we take in information through our eyes, our ears, and kinesthetically through our physical senses. The quality of what we are capable of taking in directly affects our output and performance. If you could improve the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of the information you were able to take in, process and utilize through these senses, would this help you be more competitive? Of course it would! The job of a coach then is to provide the structure and working environment to begin and then develop this process; to discover for yourself where your strengths lie, create new strengths and give you the tools necessary to continue this process on your own.




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