Birthplace: Urbana, Illinois
Residence: Four acres of heaven near Auburn, Washington
Family: Married with one son, two step daughters, and one
step son, all grown.
Enjoys: Racing, coaching, peace and quiet when not racing or coaching, reading (fiction, history, and occasional biography), movies, travel, spending time at home with my wife, writing, making music, Fat Tire Amber Ale, a well made dopio espresso macchiato with a little extra foam.

BMW CCA, Skip Barber, Bondurant,
ProFormance, Speed Secrets / Ross Bentley

Instructor History:

Chief Driving Instructor
International Race Drivers Club 2002

Lead driving instructor
BMW CCA / PSR / IER 1997 – 2003

Senior coach
Speed Secrets Coaching Services 2004 – 2006

Competition License Director,
Chief Driving Instructor
SCCA / Northwest Racing 2006 – Present

Lead Driving instructor
ProFormance Racing School 1998 – Present

Related Experience:
ICSCC DP Season Championship 2000

Quantum Racing, Fran Am Pro series 2003

My whole adult life has been devoted to human potential. First as an award winning record producer and teacher of Audio Production, and then, for the past 11 years, as a high performance driving instructor and racing coach, it has been my great joy and privilege to be able to work with people in pushing the boundaries of what, for them, was previously deemed impossible or even unimaginable.

Throughout the years I have worked with people from all walks of life and with every degree of driving experience; from the complete novice to the seasoned Pro. Because no two people are the same, and everyone’s learning style and pace is different, each and everyday at the track presents fresh challenges and perspectives. This keeps life interesting. I love the learning process and I love working with people helping them discover things about themselves that they didn’t know existed.

I understand clearly that it can be a little scary for a client to allow another person access to their process as a driver and a human being. This process is a very personal experience. As such I consider it a privilege to be given access in this way to someone’s life. I’ve learned to be a good observer and listener and, through this, how to establish rapport and create a safe learning environment. I feel that this is critical. The success I’ve had as a coach is an outgrowth of my ability to instill confidence and trust in the drivers I work with. Though the work is generally very challenging for both driver and coach the rewards are great.

A few years back I had the opportunity to work with a driver for a complete season. He was a novice when we started, and by the end of the season he had clinched the championship. I helped him in every phase of his development, from selecting, building, and developing his car, through every aspect of driving and the stresses involved in any given race weekend or season. In the course of this season he didn’t just become an excellent driver, he became a racer in every sense of the word. Money can’t buy this level of satisfaction.

Most drivers come to a coaching session with preconceived notions about what they want to work on and what they think they’ll be able to achieve. However, while important, this knowledge still lies within the realm of what is known to the driver. If a driver is to make any significant gains I feel they need to move beyond the known. It is important to me and, in my opinion, essential to the driver that I help them acquire the skills, techniques and perspectives they hadn’t previously possessed or considered and to give them the tools they need to continue this developmental work on their own.




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